298 Carline John Architect & surveyor Abbey foregate
344 Boycott Rd Baker & flour & provision dealer Abbey foregate
352 Evans Thos Baker & flour & provision dealer Abbey foregate
367 Pugh John Baker & flour & provision dealer Abbey foregate
395 Hughes Robt Blacksmith Abbey foregate
443 Oliver Geo Boot & shoe maker Abbey foregate
446 Roberts John Boot & shoe maker Abbey foregate
448 Thomas John Boot & shoe maker Abbey foregate
501 Hammonds Thos Butcher Abbey foregate
504 Hand Thos Butcher Abbey foregate
616 Boycott Rd Confectioner Abbey foregate
634 Evans Edw Cooper Abbey foregate
641 Bayley Rd Corn factor Abbey foregate
730 Marston. My Grocer & tea dealer Abbey foregate
759 Lewis Edw Hairdresser & perfumer Abbey foregate
850 Jones Edw Joiner & builder Abbey foregate
894 Bayley Rd Maltster Abbey foregate
895 Brayne John Gregory Maltster Abbey foregate
897 Cooke Jph Maltster Abbey foregate
903 Edwards Thos Maltster Abbey foregate
926 Stanway Job Wooldridge Maltster Abbey foregate
930 Taylor Rd Maltster Abbey foregate
951 Cooke Jph Miller Abbey foregate
952 Hiles Jas Miller Abbey foregate
955 Hussey. My & sons Miller Abbey foregate
971 Edwards. My Milliner & dressmaker Abbey foregate
1017 Barnett. Ann Painter house & sign & glazier Abbey foregate
1031 Pugh Wm Painter house & sign & glazier Abbey foregate
1596 Broughall Saml Carrier to Ludlow Leominster & Hereford Abbey foregate
1081 Mercerot. Miss Professor & teacher of dancing  Abbey foregate 
1117 Cooper Geo Shopkeeper Abbey foregate 
1147 Price Thos Shopkeeper Abbey foregate 
1169 Tomkies Edw & Thos Skinner & leather dresser Abbey foregate 
1183 Carline John Stone & marble mason Abbey foregate 
1227 Blair Chas Tailor Abbey foregate 
1275 Mansell Wm Tavernkeeper Angel Abbey foregate 
1282 Rogers Geo Tavernkeeper Bell Abbey foregate 
1287 Morris Moses Tavernkeeper Bricklayers Arms Abbey foregate 
1292 Meabry Thos Tavernkeeper Bull Abbey foregate 
1294 Blakeway Wm Tavernkeeper Bush Abbey foregate 
1307 Jackson. Rebecca Tavernkeeper Crow Abbey foregate 
1311 Pugh. Sarah Tavernkeeper Dun Cow Abbey foregate 
1347 Parker Wm Tavernkeeper Park Inn Abbey foregate 
1348 Savage John Tavernkeeper Peacock Abbey foregate 
1378 Downs Thos Tavernkeeper White Horse Abbey foregate 
1419 Griffiths & Davies Timber merchant Abbey foregate 
1420 Hall John Timber & mahogany merchant Abbey foregate 
1451 Ball Wm Wheelwright Abbey foregate 
1452 Drayton Edw Wheelwright Abbey foregate 
1484 Carline Thos Sculptor Abbey foregate 
1518 Wardley Wm Collector of excise Abbey foregate 
336 Watkins Jas Bulckley Attorney Abbey foregate & Dogpole
153 Mortimer Chas Captain Abbey foregate Whitehall pl
1069 Franklin Geo Benj Printer letter press Abbey foregate Whitehall pl
62 Dixson. Sarah Mrs Abbey foregate Whitehall ter
172 Peters. Eliz Mrs Abbey the
212 Tipton Edw Mr Abbey the
233 Winstone David Rev Abbey the
1043 Johnson Hy Physician Abbey the
199 Smythe E J Sir Bart Acton Burnell
51 Corbert Andrew V Esq Acton Reynald
1592 Downes Thos Carrier to Llanmynech Anchor Inn
1593 Jones Thos Carrier to Llanmynech Anchor Inn
1120 Davies Robt Shopkeeper Anns hill
1356 Batho John Tavernkeeper Robin Hood Anns hill
23 Blythe. Mrs Armoury cottage
151 Minor John B Esq Astley house
33 Burton Hy Rev Atcham
255 Houlston. E Academy ladies Atcham Chilton cottage
19 Berwick Hon Lord Attingham
858 Smith Thos Joiner & builder Austin friars
937 Wood Thos Maltster Bagston hill
116 Jobson John Mr Bank farm
1559 Rogers Carrier to Cardington Barge Inn
1563 Harley Carrier to Church Stretton & Ludlow Barge Inn
1566 Thomas E Carrier to Dawley Green Barge Inn
271 Evans Edw Academy master St Chads school Barker st
272 Roberts. Caroline Academy mistress St Chads school Barker st
373 Watkins John Baker & flour & provision dealer Barker st
393 Harris Saml Black & white smith Barker st
467 Williams John Brick maker Barker st
557 Brew Thos Carver & gilder (wood) Barker st
663 Halford & co Dyer silk Barker st
707 Ward John Furniture broker Barker st
864 Wilson John Last maker Barker st
905 Ford Geo Maltster Barker st
906 Gittins John Maltster Barker st
925 Smith Geo Maltster Barker st
989 Pugh. Jane Milliner & dressmaker Barker st
1024 Ford & son Painter house & sign & glazier Barker st
1071 Lewis David Printer letter press Barker st
1080 Lewis David Professor & teacher of music Barker st
1128 Griffiths Chas Shopkeeper Barker st
1129 Griffiths Hugh Shopkeeper Barker st
1160 Ward John Shopkeeper Barker st
1258 Richards Thos Tailor Barker st
1262 Watkins & son Tailor Barker st
1272 Sheppard Jph Tanner Barker st
1288 Williams Jno Tavernkeeper Bricklayers Arms Barker st
1328 Crane Jph Tavernkeeper Hope & Anchor Barker st
1391 Gittins John Beer retailer Barker st
1508 Simmons Thos Spoon maker Barker st