A sample of 40 names
50 McKenna Jas Boot & shoe maker Wigtown
51 McKinnell Robt Boot & shoe maker Kirkinner
54 Powel John Boot & shoe maker Bladenoch
55 Richardson John Boot & shoe maker Wigtown
56 Robinson Chas Boot & shoe maker Kirkinner
57 Roddy Thos Boot & shoe maker Wigtown
58 Roney Jas Boot & shoe maker Wigtown
212 Findley   Borough & sheriffs officer Wigtown
213 Fraser Gordon Brewer Wigtown
231 Walls Michael Broker Wigtown
59 Bell John Cabinet maker & upholsterer Wigtown
60 McQueen Peter H & co Cabinet maker & upholsterer Wigtown
61 Reid Robt Cabinet maker & upholsterer Wigtown
251     Carrier to Crutown by water Passage boat Wigtown
243 Raeside Wm Carrier to Dumfries Wigtown
244 Stanhope Jas Carrier to Eldrick Wigtown
245 Dick Alexr Carrier to Garlieston Wigtown
246 McClurg   Carrier to Glasgow Wigtown
252     Carrier to Glasgow by water (Lord Garlieston) Wigtown
253     Carrier to Glasgow by water (Marion) Wigtown
254     Carrier to Liverpool by water (Countess of Galloway) Wigtown
247 McCulloch Wm Carrier to Port William Wigtown
248 McMaster Andrew Carrier to Stranraer Wigtown
255     Carrier to Whitehaven by water Wigtown
250 Gardner Geo Carrier to Whithorn Wigtown
249 McKeand Adam Carrier to Whithorn Wigtown
219 Leacy Jas Cattle dealer Wigtown
210 Young Peter Rev Chaplain of County gaol Wigtown
227 Agnew Geo Clerk to Sheriffs office Wigtown
232 Withers Chas Coach builder Wigtown
241     Coach to Ayr (Hero) Wigtown Queens Arms inn
242     Coach to Stranraer (Union) Wigtown Queens Arms inn
237 Simpson John Esq Collector of Customs Wigtown
238 Clark Thos Wm Esq Comptrollerr of Customs Wigtown
228 Stewart. Jane Confectioner Wigtown
62 Dickson Thos Cooper Wigtown
63 Forlaw Isaac Cooper Wigtown
64 Maxwell John Cooper Bladenoch
65 McClelland J T & A & co Distiller Bladenoch
234 Reid Jas Rev Established Church Kirkinner

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